This Website Will Close as of August 1. 2017

Due to a lack of interest from my side producing new panoramas lately, this website has not been able to draw that much traffic. This is the reason I have decided to close it down as of August 1. 2017. It was for a long time a lot of fun producing new material and a lot of fun running the website. But since I have not produced any new material for almost three years, it is time to close it down. You can still see some of my panoramas at 360Cities where I will place some of the content of this website after August 1.

4πSr is moving to WordPress

4piSr is moving from Mambo to WordPress. Mambo is no longer supported. Mambo didn’t support panoramas very well so I wrote a plugin. Its successor Joomla don’t support panoramas either and it was easier to move to WordPress than to port the panorama plugin from Mambo to Joomla. WordPress is also open source and the most important plugin PanoPress supports many of the functions needed to publish panoramas.

Click here to see the latest panoramas.

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